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With some rewarded bartenders, São Paulo offers bars for everyone's liking, where you can taste drinks – as the typical one called "caipirinha" – , listen to music or just chat and flirt. 

Platz  -  Website (pt)
Campo Belo   
Bar with German specialties. It's decorated with colorful objects and some antiques. It offers appetizers such as German sausages and meat balls.
R. Cristóvão Pereira, 1252
55 (11) 5531-4036
Mon. to sat.: from 5pm

Plínio Choperia
Casa Verde    Diners Club MasterCard Visa handicap facilities
This over 20 year old bar is specialized in sea food and fishes from Pantanal (region of Brasil). The distinction is the fish bait and the fishes called “pintado” and “tucunaré”. It is crowded in the afternoon and the tables are set on the sidewalk.
R. Bernardino Fanganiello, 458
55 (11) 3857-0999
Mon. to fri.: 4pm to 1am. Sat. and sun: 11am to 1am.

Porto- Brazil  -  Website (pt)
Vila Mariana    Diners Club MasterCard Visa
Set in a corner at Vila Mariana neighborhood, this bar has the typical simplicity of Portuguese people. The room has few tables, and the bar has several distilled drinks and a wine barrel. There are some tables on the sidewalk. A good option is the draft beer, but also the bar's cocktails are famous.
R. Dr. Álvaro Alvim, 210
55 (11) 5549-3442
Mon. to fri.:from 5pm. Sat. and sun.:from 11am.

Posto 6  -  Website (pt)
Pinheiros    American Express Diners Club MasterCard Visa
With the Rio de Janeiro's in the 60's and 70's atmosphere, this bar offers a very great draft beer. Some of the recommended dishes are the fried fish and the portion of Italian sausage fried in cachaça (Brazilian alcoholic drink made of sugar cane). An other option is the vast menu of sushis and sashimis. It is usually crowded in the afternoons and during the weekends.
R. Aspicuelta, 644
55 (11) 3821-7831
Mon. to sat.: 5:30pm to 3am. Sun.: 12am to 2am.

Reserva Pinheiros
Pinheiros    MasterCard Visa
The bar has rustic ambient and is decorated with pictures and mirrors with antique borders. Two tables, rounded by sofas, are the ideal for big groups. To drink, beer in bottles are offered, beyond the tried to excel caipirinhas (Brazilian cocktail made with pinga – alcoholic drink extracted from the sugar cane – and fruits), as the kiwi one.
R. dos Pinheiros, 754
55 (11) 3062-7113
Mon. to thu.: 12am to 3pm. Fri.: 12am to 3pm and 6pm to 3am. Sat.: 6pm to 3am.

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