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With some rewarded bartenders, São Paulo offers bars for everyone's liking, where you can taste drinks – as the typical one called "caipirinha" – , listen to music or just chat and flirt. 

Café Journal  -  Website (pt)
Moema    American Express MasterCard Visa handicap facilities
Located at Moema neighborhood, this bar mixes the rustic and modern with good taste. To drink, many options of draft beer are offered. On Saturdays it serves a buffet of feijoada (typical Brazilian dish made of pork and black beans).
Al. dos Anapurus, 1121
55 (11) 5055-9454
Mon. to sun.: from 12am.

Café/Bar Pátio Verona
Jardim Paulista    American Express Diners Club MasterCard Visa
The complex Paola di Verona, which gathers rotisserie and two restaurants in a corner of Jardins neighborhood, now also offers this nice coffeehouse and bar, with a well-done menu and vast menu of wines and imported beers.
R. Pe. João Manoel, 1115
55 (11) 3067-4455
Tue. to sun.: from 9am.

Caretas  -  Website (pt)
Pinheiros    MasterCard Visa
Set in a house with two floors with an open air deck, this bar attracts young people. It serves good portions, such as the shimeji sticks and sandwiches, like the Jundiaí, made of dry tomato and dried meat. There are 20 different types of cachaça (sugar cane spirit).
R. Aspicuelta, 208
55 (11) 3814-7581
Tue. to sat.:from 7pm. Sun.: from 6pm.

Barra Funda    handicap facilities
Set in an ample space with red curtains, the house's stage offers an eclectic musical schedule. Also serves good and varied beers and draft beer.
R. Brig. Galvão, 871
55 (11) 3666-8971
Tue. to sat.: 9pm to 5am.

Chopp Escuro
Consolação    American Express Diners Club MasterCard Visa
Near to República's square, it has a simple ambient and an informal proposal. Beyond good appetizers, as “casquinha de siri” (a Brazilian dish make with a type of crab) and codfish dough, serves dishes of varied cuisine. The draft beers is served in the ideal temperature, controlled by a digital system of refrigeration, that maintains the temperature with out freezing the drink.
R. Marquês de Itu, 252
55 (11) 3221-0872
Mon. to thu. and sun.: 12am to 1:30am. Fri. and sat.: 12am to 3am.

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