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With some rewarded bartenders, São Paulo offers bars for everyone's liking, where you can taste drinks – as the typical one called "caipirinha" – , listen to music or just chat and flirt. 

Dona Mathilde Snooker  -  Website (pt)
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This popular house mixes bar and snooker. The place is well illuminated, different from usual snooker houses, which attracts more customers.
Av. Pompéia, 1415
55 (11) 3672-4204
Mon.: 4pm to 12pm. Tue. to thu.:4pm to 1am. Fri. and sat.:4pm to 2:30am.

Geribá  -  Website (pt)
Perdizes    American Express Diners Club MasterCard Visa handicap facilities
Offers good appetizers and draft beer in a relaxed atmosphere. The menu's main attraction is the Italian bread served with gorgonzola cheese.
R. João Ramalho, 899
55 (11) 3875-1029
Mon. to sun.: from 5pm.

Píer 77
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Usually this bar is full on evenings. There is a wooden deck that contributes for the bar's success on hot days. Good options are appetizers like picanha (Brazilian popular beef cut) with catupiry (type of cream cheese) and the house's drinks.
R. Apinagés, 1359
55 (11) 3673-8976
Tue. to fri.:5:30pm to 1am. Sat.:1pm to 1am. Sun.:1am to 12pm.

The Clock Rock Bar  -  Website (pt)
Perdizes    Visa handicap facilities
Inspired in US's bar from the 50's and 60's, the house has a cheerful atmosphere guaranteed by the dancing and romantic music of the period. The decoration follows the same influence, checkered floor and, in the walls, LP's and advertisements from the time. The menu focuses are the hamburgers.
R. Turiassu, 806
55 (11) 3672-0894
Fri. and sat.:9pm to 2am. Sun.:6pm to 10pm.

Vila Heitor  -  Website (pt)
Perdizes    Spanish-speaking attendants Diners Club MasterCard Visa handicap facilities
The cozy atmosphere and spacious place makes this bar a good option for a draft beer on hot evenings. Specialized in meat, it mixes Brazilian and Argentine cuisine, serves dishes like chorizo beef and baked rib.
Av. Heitor Penteado, 474
55 (11) 3862-7344
Mon. to wed. and sun.:11am to 11:30pm. Thu. to sat.:from 11am.

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