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With some rewarded bartenders, São Paulo offers bars for everyone's liking, where you can taste drinks – as the typical one called "caipirinha" – , listen to music or just chat and flirt. 

Vila Mariana    Diners Club MasterCard Visa handicap facilities
Near the subway station Paraíso, this bar has a menu inspired in the cuisine of the Minas Gerais state and offers cachaça (Brazilian alcoholic drink made of sugar cane) and appetizers such as “mineirinha” (pork chop, rice ball, fried manioc and cheese bread), that serves up to three people.
R. Vergueiro, 1889
55 (11) 5081-4040
Mon. to sat.: from 10am.

Vila Mariana    American Express Diners Club MasterCard Visa handicap facilities
This bar is a success of Joaquim Távora street, in Vila Mariana neighborhood. It has wooden tables in a small, but ventilated, saloon and on the sidewalk. The dark draft beer is better than the light one, both creamy. To eat, the house's specialty is sea food.
R. Joaquim Távora, 1139
55 (11) 5572-7071
Mon. to fri. and sun.: from 5pm. Sat.: from 12am.

Porto- Brazil  -  Website (pt)
Vila Mariana    Diners Club MasterCard Visa
Set in a corner at Vila Mariana neighborhood, this bar has the typical simplicity of Portuguese people. The room has few tables, and the bar has several distilled drinks and a wine barrel. There are some tables on the sidewalk. A good option is the draft beer, but also the bar's cocktails are famous.
R. Dr. Álvaro Alvim, 210
55 (11) 5549-3442
Mon. to fri.:from 5pm. Sat. and sun.:from 11am.

Terra e mar  -  Website (pt)
Vila Mariana    english-speaking attendants American Express Diners Club MasterCard Visa handicap facilities
Near the Aclimação Park, it has, on the second floor, lots of plants and a oyster bar. Shrimps are a good option. Among the drinks there is the caipirinha (Brazilian typical drink) “Segredinho Tropical” made with pineapple and banana cachaça (sugar cane spirit).
Av. Eng. Luiz Gomes Cardim Sangirardi, 388
55 (11) 5571-1010
Tue. to fri.:5pm to 12pm. Sat.:12am to 12pm. Sun.:12am to 6pm.

Vila Mariana    American Express Diners Club MasterCard Visa
The walls are covered with shirts of soccer teams, caricatures and pictures of a historic bar from Rio de Janeiro, where famous musicians wrote songs. The barman Souza has won prizes and makes the perfect caipirinha (Brazilian typical drink). Among the food options there is the chicken coxinha (fried potato dough filled with chicken).
R. Conceição Veloso, 56
55 (11) 5572-0254
Tue. to fri.:5:30 pm to 1am. Sat.:1pm to 1am. Sun.:4pm to 11pm.

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