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From God's country: Henry Sobel's pluralist city

Henry Sobel is the Paulista Israelite Congregation Rabinnate's President and one of the most illustrious people of the Brazilian Jewish community.
He has been living in São Paulo for 36 years and he has a particular point of view of the city.

maspVisitSP: How did São Paulo influenced in your formation, that is so plural? After all, you were born in Portugal, you are an American citizen, you live in Brazil for more then 30 years, your parents are Belgian...

Sobel: São Paulo gave me an unique chance to grow. The city is dynamic. Certainly one of the most dynamics cities of the world. Ideas are born every day. São Paulo offered me options, made possible my actuation in the social and politic fronts and gave me the chance of engaging myself.

VisitSP: Why did you accepted Paulista Israelite Congregation's invitation to come to São Paulo?

Sobel: Adventure. In United States I would have been just one more rabbi among others. Here in Brazil the challenge was much bigger. And it is still being.

VisitSP: What do you like better in the city?

Sobel: I like better the diversity of religions and cultures, the respect for the dissimilarities. São Paulo is a pluralist city.

VisitSP: In 2001, you said to a Brazilian magazine that if God had a nationality, He would be Brazilian. What are your motives to think that?

Sobel: There are no people like the Brazilian. It does not exist people more effusive, human and tractable.

VisitSP: At last, what stroll would you recommend?

Sobel: To take an airing at Ibirapuera's Park is always divine.

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