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Monday, September 24, 2007

Some Brazilian Music

A great opportunity to hear some samba (Brazilian typical rhythm) will happen on September 24th and 26th nights. Mart'nália is back for two days of show after a few shows in Angola. The singer, who learned to enjoy music with her father, Martinho da Vila (a very popular samba singer), now sings songs of huge success as Samba é Tudo (Samba is All), Tiro ao Alvaro (Shooting Alvaro) and Girl From Ipanema.

For the ones who prefer MPB (Brazilian Popular Music), on September 28th will happen a show with Toquinho, MPB4 and Grupo Sinfônico Arte Viva (Symphonic Group Live Art). Toquinho and MPB4 became famous during memorable music festivals in the 60's and consolidated their careers along of more than 40 years. Toquinho multiplied his successes creating in partnership with talented and renowned letterers. MPB4 manifested itself as a precise vocal band, absolutely linked to national songs and singer of classics, in one of the most expressive discographies of MPB in terms of melody, harmony, vocal arrangements and lyrics. The spectacle will be a synthesis of those artists trajectories.

Tom Jazz
+55 (11) 3255-3635
R$ 50,00
September 24th and 26th at 10 p.m.

Toquinho, MPB4 and Grupo Sinfônico Arte Viva
Via Funchal
+55 (11) 3044-2727
From R$ 40,00 to R$ 130,00cm
September 28th at 10 p.m.


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