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Monday, October 22, 2007

São Paulo International Film Festival runs until Nov 3rd

The 31st Mostra Internacional de Cinema is São Paulo´s most important international film festival and will be happening in the city till november 3rd.

As usual, the Mostra brings to Brazil the best feature films that are made around the world and its curators, Leon Cakoff and Renata de Almeida, are always worried in making the festival a big showcase of different kinds of worldwide productions.

This year´s highlights are, besides the feature cartoons, are two films about musicians: Anton Corbijn´s "Control" about Joy Division´s Ian Curtis and "About a Son" that tells the story of Nirvana´s Curt Cobain. Among hundred of films you can yet find 19 that are running to be chosen as a nominee for Oscar´s Best Foreign Film Prize.

The complete schedule and informations about screening places and tickets can be found here, on Mostra´s website. Sometimes you may get, accidentally, to a webpage written in Portuguese, but it is not difficult to find all synopsis, days and times there.


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