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Thursday, January 24, 2008

Street Art - From Grafitti till Painting

From January 17th till February 17th, MAC (Museum of Contemporary Art) USP Ibirapuera shows Street Art – from Graffiti till Painting, composed of a selection of 60 pieces on canvas or wood from 10 Italian grafitti artists and 10 Brazilians. The pieces are unedited, and the Brazilians ones were done specially for the exhibition. The Italian works selection was done by Vittorio Sgarbi, actual Secretary of Culture of Milan, while the works of Brazilian artists were chosen by the curator Fabio Magalhães.

Sgarbi is Italian Street Art Meets the World project’s father, created from the success of Italian grafitti exhibition Street-Art, Sweet-Art, realized in Milan in the beginning of the year. The project aim at fortifying the dialogue and establish the confront between Italian grafitti artists and artists which adopted the same language in other parts of the world.

Among the Brazilians that make part of the show are Boleta, César Profeta, Bugre, Highraff, Prozak, Ndrua, Smael, Tim Tchais, Yá! and Zezão. The Italians are Cano, Kayone, Led, Leo, Filippo, Minelli, Pho, Francesco Pogliaghi, Rae Martini, Verbo and Wany. The criterion adopted for the choice was the diversity of expressive ways (abstract and figurative).

The pieces in exhibition were elaborated upon the conventional painting supports, canvas and wood, those, between four walls, play as public spaces, where those artists usually do their intervention.

MAC USP Ibirapuera – Bienal Pavillion
Pedro Álvares Cabral Avenue, no number
Third floor – Ibirapuera’s Park – Gate 3
From Tue. to Sun. from 10 a.m. to 7 p.m. till February 17th


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